Owning a pool usually means a flawless tan, level “Expert” in the childhood game of Marco Polo, water volleyball and cannon-balling into the deep end.  With families spending more and more time at home, these poolside past times may lose their allure.  Why not step up your aquatic entertainment a notch? We suggest, a DIY Dive-In Movie Night!  You might not be able to go to the movies, but you can bring the movies to you!

First things first, decide which movie you will view.  You can access a variety of movies: everything from “in-theatre” movies, new releases and classics on streaming apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.  You can give your family the full theatre experience by using a dry erase or magnetic board and spelling out, marquis style, the evening’s feature film.  Create a snack bar with your popcorn, candy and your favorite beverages.  Finally, blow up some rafts and inner tubes for in-the-pool seating.

Now you will need a way to view your movie!  You’re in luck!  We have found instructions that allow you to turn your phone into a movie projector and a bed sheet into a movie screen!

Don’t forget to take your family’s safety into consideration.  As you will most likely be poolside in the evening to enjoy your DIY Dive-In Movie theatre, you will want to consider lighting.  The folks over at thriftdiving.com had some great ideas that involve a balloon and glow sticks!

If you happen to give this idea a go, we’d love to see your pictures.  Email us your photos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Stay safe and enjoy your pool!

Tags: April, 2020