It seems like only a week ago that we were talking about the best way to open your pool. In the blink of an eye, summer has ended for many of you and it’s time to close your pool for the approaching winter. Here at APi, we strive to make winterizing your pool an easy, safe, and efficient process. That’s why we tell all of our customers and dealers to use E-Z POOL® to winterize their pool!

winterize your pool


E-Z POOL® simplifies seasonal pool closings / winterizing for traditional CHLORINE, BROMINE, SALT WATER, or E-Z POOL® treated pools in one E-Z application.

No pre-treating or other chemicals needed — just add E-Z POOL® to oxidize contaminants, prevent algae and control stain and scale through the winter season. Spring openings are faster, water is clearer and most importantly you can swim sooner when the time finally comes!

E-Z POOL® is faster and more effective than multi-product winter kits. Save yourself time and money by only having to use one product to winterize your pool. E-Z POOL® is effective for chlorine, bromine, salt, mineral, UV and all pools that are treated with E-Z POOL®.

How to Winterize Your Pool with E-Z POOL®

To start the process of winterizing, simply use 1lb or 2 scoops of E-Z POOL® per every 5k gallons of your pool. For best results, circulate the pool for 30 minutes prior to closing. Then, patiently wait for spring to roll around, and be sure to use Revive!® for best results upon opening your pool again! How easy is that!?

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