‘Twas less than a month before Christmas and all through the house
People were worrying and getting stressed out.
No stockings were hung, no presents with bows.
The tree wasn’t purchased; you know how that goes.
What to buy for loved ones, was the number one worry.
Then, to make sure it’s delivered in time, you really must hurry.
We put together our Top 5 Pool Gift Ideas for this gift giving season.
So, you can sit back, relax, and remember the reason.

Catchy poem aside, trying to come up with new gift ideas each year can be a challenge. Most people have someone on their shopping list that they can’t think of gift ideas for. We’ve put together our Top 5 Pool Gift Ideas to help you narrow down the vast choices out there. Hopefully this will help you mark one or two people off your shopping list and help you enjoy a little more of this holiday season.

(Please note that we are not affiliated with these products or businesses.)

  1. Whether you’re still swimming in your pool during the winter or need to wait until next pool season to use these, LED Ball Lights bring color and light to your pool. I think these would be a great addition to any evening poolside party even if the water is too cold to swim.
  2. There always seems to be a shortage of hooks or chairs to hang wet towels on. The Pool and Spa Valet not only gives you more towel hanging space, but also offers you a place to put your sunscreen so it’s easily available. The best part is that you can place it front and center on the pool deck or move it out of the way. It’s freestanding.
  3. These days everyone is monogramming just about everything: their purses, key chains, door mats, and more. Why not monogram your pool? The Monogrammed Pool Mat is an easy way to personalize your pool and is easily removable when you decide you need a change in style or a deep clean.
  4. In case you needed a reason to never leave your pool again, the Floating Mesh Pool Chair might just be it.
  5. The Froglog is a lily-pad-like float that helps frogs rescue themselves from your pool by offering them an escape route. Who doesn’t want to save the frogs?

Pro Tip: Have you ever noticed a ring of crud on the bottom of your pool floats and toys? Regardless of which pool gift you purchase, you should maintain your pool water chemistry to help your new items have a longer life and keep them from developing that gross ring on the bottom. The easiest way to care for your pool is to start with Revive!® START UP / CLEAN UP and maintain it with E-Z POOL®.

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