Our vocabularies have been expanded upon over the past several weeks.  New terms such as “social distancing”, “stay home orders” and “essential workers” have become a part of our daily conversations.  Did you know your pool service tech has been deemed an essential worker by the Dept of Homeland Security?  While they aren’t the only workers reporting for duty during an uncertain and often frightening time, they do hold our special place in our hearts and we’re sure, in yours as well.

It seems as though times of crisis bring us closer together and we find ourselves wanting to gift those around us with random acts of kindness.  Social media has been inundated with photos showing baskets of beverages, snacks, hand sanitizers and the ever elusive roll of toilet paper being left on porches and door steps for delivery drivers and mail carriers.  We thought it might be nice to give you some suggestions on a similar take for your pool service tech.  While using our products limits your techs time poolside, a special treat to say thank you is always appreciated.  Check out our list below.

  • Fill a small cooler with cold beverages such as bottled water, sports drinks or ice cold cans of lemonade and tea
  • Leave a small basket or container on your deck with extra PPE such as masks, hand sanitizer and gloves (With the shortage on these items, why not add a special and personalized touch by making your own? Follow these links for EZ instructions!)
  • https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-make-hand-sanitizer
  • A handwritten sentiment is always nice. Why not write a heartfelt thank you to the person responsible for saving your sanity by keeping your pool safe and sanitary?  Feeling generous?  Throw in a gift card to a local small business!

We are certain no matter what you choose, your gesture will be met with much appreciation.   Did you try this idea?  We’d love to see and hear what you did!  Send your photos and thoughts to us at [email protected]

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  • “Just wanted to thank you for a great product. After four weeks of trying several different products and also adding way to much chlorine, we can finally see the bottom of our pool. Added Revive! at 6PM last night, by the time we went to bed, we could notice a difference and when I got up this morning everything had settled to the bottom. Used the vacuum for about an hour this morning and were swimming this afternoon. Will probably have to vacuum once more, but so glad this product was recommended to us.”

    – Donna, Ohio
  • “Easy, simple, worry free…these all describe how my pool maintenance has been since I started using EZ POOL! I have a big pool and it is not a big job with E-Z POOL, just once a week. Once the pool is open and clear in the spring, I just have Caryl’s experts test my pool sample once a week to make sure the balancing chemicals and pH are good. Algaecides are not needed. Brush, brush, brush, as Caryl recommends and my pool is beautiful all summer! Also, it is gentle to the skin and does not effect your hair color. I highly recommend E-Z POOL!”

    – Trish, Greensboro, NC
  • “I have used the EZ Spa now for four years. It is the best spa treatment I have ever used. It makes the water feel really soft and refreshing. I use it once a week and forget it. My spa stays crystal clear. I love this stuff. Not to mention when you use EZ Spa you don’t have to buy so many other chemicals. I also noticed that EZ Spa is extremely gentle on the skin. I can’t say enough about how good this stuff is. Try it, you’ll love it!”

    – Terri G., NJ
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