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Less phosphates, metals, and scaling
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PEPPER® is a balanced blend of ingredients that meet the specific and unique demands of saltwater pools. With PEPPER®, turn tedious pool maintenance into an easy, enjoyable experience. It’s a game-changer for saltwater pool and hot tub owners and a perfect partner for your pool equipment.

What can PEPPER® do for your pool?

PEPPER® is your ticket to a crystal clear, low-maintenance saltwater pool or hot tub. It’s perfect for all pool surfaces and equipment, and the best part? There's absolutely no waiting to swim. With routine use, most saltwater generators can operate at lower settings.

Designed with the user in mind, PEPPER® not only enhances the performance of your saltwater generator but also provides incredible benefits.

Features & Benefits

Improved Sanitizer Effectiveness:

PEPPER® boosts the efficiency of your pool sanitizer, ensuring the cleanest and safest water for your family.

Enhanced Water Clarity:

Get ready for crystal-clear water! PEPPER® oxidizes contaminants and enhances filter performance.

Stable pH Levels:

The water conditioners in PEPPER® reduce troublesome pH fluctuations that cause cloudy water and swimmer irritation.

Low Maintenance:

Significantly reduce your pool maintenance tasks with fewer chemical balance adjustments and less cleaning.

Extended Equipment Life:

Protect your investment! PEPPER® prevents scale buildup on your generator cell, pool equipment, and surfaces, prolonging their lifespan.

Product of Choice for Pools with Automatic Covers

Chlorine shock products can be corrosive and prematurely wear automatic pool cover tracks, ropes and fabric. Using PEPPER® eliminates harmful chlorine gasses and allows you to close your safety cover just 15 minutes after adding.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get to know PEPPER® better, we've answered some frequently asked questions:

Why do I still need acid when I'm using PEPPER®?

PEPPER® helps control the higher pH associated with saltwater pools. However, you may still acid based on your pool’s needs, or if the chlorine generator has to run for longer periods.

Why did my chlorine level increase after using PEPPER®?

PEPPER® contains a strong oxygen-based oxidizer that significantly lowers chlorine demand. If your chlorine generator is not adjusted to a lower setting after applying PEPPER®, it could produce excessive chlorine.

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