5 Common Pool Care Mistakes

Proper pool care requires an equal amount of science and routine. The problem is that some people rely too much on one, but not the other. In order to keep your pool in perfect shape all summer long, you will want to balance the two and avoid these 5 key mistakes that people make in caring for their pools.

  1. Not brushing your pool: Most pool owners are pretty vigilant about vacuuming their pool, but vacuuming your pool is only half the battle. Pool brushing is crucial to reach hard to get to areas like corners and behind ladders. Proper brushing eliminates the possibility of things like algae creeping up in your pool.
  2. Not properly handling algae problems: Make sure you are dealing with algae issues properly. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to use your automatic pool cleaners to vacuum algae. Automatic cleaners will end up being counterproductive in the algae removal process because they will recycle the algae back through your pool. If you have to use a manual vacuum to remove algae, make sure your filter is set to waste so that the water doesn’t come back into the pool. While you will lose more water this way, it will ensure the algae is indeed leaving your pool.
  3. Not running your filter enough: Make sure you are running your filter for no less than 8 hours a day. This is a critical step to avoiding water problems within your pool. Avoid the tendency to skimp on the full 8 hours, or you will end up costing yourself more time, in the long run, having to fix the problem.
  4. Not testing the water regularly: Remember that we said routine and science are key ingredients to maintaining a beautiful pool. This mistake is the confluence of both of those keys. Ensure that you are testing your water on a weekly basis as part of your routine checkup on the scientific health of your pool.
  5. Adding chemicals at the wrong time of day: Whatever combination of chemicals you are using, make sure to follow the usage instructions on the packaging. Don’t be tempted to add chemicals at a time that fits best into your schedule if it isn’t what is recommended on the packaging.

If you avoid these 5 common mistakes in pool care, you will be well on your way to enjoying a beautiful, sparkling pool all summer long!

Live Like Jake & APi Team Up Again for Drowning Prevention

On May 12, the 4th Annual Live Like Jake 5k will kick off from Abacoa’s Town Center. For the second year in a row, APi has partnered with Live Like Jake to support their efforts for drowning prevention. This event offers both a walk and a run, as well as a fun run for kids and lots of family friendly activities throughout the day.  Live Like Jake was founded by Keri & Roarke Morrison after the passing of their son Jake in November of 2013. Over the last 4 years, LLJ has worked to raise both money and awareness on drowning prevention. Live Like Jake encourages children to learn Infant Swim Resource (ISR) Self-Rescue and has provided scholarships assisting hundreds of children to take lessons in ISR.  If you are interested in participating in the 4th Annual Live Like Jake 5k, click here. Don’t forget to stop by and say HI to our APi Team during the event!

Revolutionizing Commercial Water Care with EZ PRO

With so many challenges in maintaining commercial pools and spas, APi found the need to help revolutionize the commercial water care industry. Hence, the development of EZPRO Commercial Water Care. We have truly simplified the way to maintain commercial pool and spa water while providing the highest water and air quality ever seen in the commercial arena. All 5 EZPro products have received NSF 50/ANSI 50 certification. This technology is designed to remove TDS in pools and spas thru filtration while infusing the water with stabilized oxygen in order to provide the best water quality the industry has ever experienced. Our technology requires no conversion and is compatible with all commercial equipment systems. This oxygen based technology is ORP detectable and will allow up to a 25% reduction/savings in chlorine and acid usage.


Our goal when developing the EZPRO commercial water care program was to design a simple and cost-effective way to eliminate all of the issues associated with indoor and outdoor commercial pools and spas. We are looking for commercial water care management and service companies who want to become part of the newest revolution for cleaning up commercial water care in your community.  If you are interested please reach out to APi HERE and we will be happy to forward you the 8 minute EZPRO Commercial Water Care video so you can learn more about joining our team of EZPRO Champions.  Make this summer the best year of your career!

How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

Hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th, peaking in late August or early September. With much of the country either feel the aftereffects of a Hurricane Harvey or preparing for the impending Hurricane Irma, we at APi wanted to take some time to discuss some helpful tips for how to prepare your pools for hazardous weather conditions.

hurricane preparation for your swimming pool

Many people fallaciously believe that you should drain your pool to prepare for an incoming hurricane. It is important to keep sufficient water levels in your pool so that the weight of the sides and bottom is kept in place by the water. Empty pools are more susceptible to being lifted from their foundation during heavy storms when there is not a full load of water holding them in place.

So, what is the proper water level for your pool during hurricane conditions? Well, if your pool has adequate drainage systems and the surrounding property is drained appropriately, you can leave your water levels as is, without adjusting them. However, in the circumstance where the area directly around your pool could be damaged by water, it is suggested that you lower your water level by one to two feet. Experts also suggest that you super chlorinate your pool water in preparation.

Special attention should be given to electrical equipment surrounding your pool. Ensure that all electrical power is turned off at the circuit breakers well in advance of the storm. If you have exposed electrical equipment, consider covering these areas with plastic wrap. In the event of flooding, pumps and motors may be disconnected and removed in preparation.

Tending to the areas surrounding your pool, like decking and screening is something to consider as well. You may consider having a vent for wind to travel through, while some choose to remove panels from screens on either side of the pool area. Many experts also suggest removing any doors to screened in areas, which are typically more susceptible to damage from high winds.

Ideally, pool furniture such as tables, chairs, and pool cleaning equipment should be stored in a secured building. If you do not have such a structure, you can place them in your pool to help shield them from high winds. When placing the items in your pool, ensure that you do so gently as to not damage the finish of your pool. Pool toys should also be removed, as even these can be dangerous with high wind speeds.

We hope these recommendations help you to secure your pool area, ride out any potential storms in safety, and minimize damage to your property after the storm clears.

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    – Terri G., NJ
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